American Range Oven

This American Range oven story starts during the hectic times of World War II at an era where basic necessities were scarce and people went through life without common comforts that are now mostly taken for granted.

Inspired by their passion for perfection, renowned for their product innovation and quality, American Range is now a recognized leader in the commercial food service industry. Their commercial workhorse pedigree has been proven in the world’s most demanding kitchens for over 30 years. In that time, innovative technology and robust engineering have advanced every aspect of their cooking equipment. Their commercial equipment is constructed to withstand the challenges of the most demanding chefs and kitchens.

Arguably the broadest equipment offering in the commercial cooking category, the American Range Restaurant Series includes ranges, fryers, baking convection ovens, a complete line of multi-purpose broilers and griddles, chicken rotisseries, stock pots, Chinese wok ranges and custom specialty equipment.

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