Custom Fabrication. We fabricate to the most stringent global standards. So you avoid compromising on your vision or wasting space. 

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication to your exact specifications.

At Ramadi Group we have an full-fledged stainless steel fabrication team with the best equipment. We manufacture stainless steel double skin exhaust hoods, tables, sinks, cupboards and more.  To help restaurant & hotel leaders achieve their vision and use every millimeter (or inch). In addition, our custom stainless steel products are factory-direct. So there's no middleman.
Since all of our products are factory-direct, you'll find that our pricing on stainless steel is very competitive and fair (without sacrificing on quality & durability). If you're ready to see for yourself what makes us different, request a quote on our custom stainless steel fabrication needs today.
Stainless Steel Commercial Exhaust Hood

Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood.

Our exhaust hoods are extremely energy efficient and have a superior exhaust flow rates. These stainless steel exhaust hoods are custom designed to provide excellent capture and ventilation of grease, fumes, or heat, steam and odors. 

Stainless Steel Floor Grate

Stainless Steel Floor Grate.

These Stainless steel floor grate are commonly used as drainage for commercial kitchen. Our floor grating can be manufactured to required length and width to provide a durable, aesthetically pleasing drainage solution.

Stainless Steel Bain-marie

Stainless Steel Bain-marie.

Ramadi Group manufactured Bain Maries provide convenient temperature control of products in high volume kitchens. We can manufacture the bain-marie (or double boiler) in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink.

Custom stainless steel sinks are built to fit your space. We use extra heavy duty stainless steel to make them last a lifetime. Every feature can be customized, including the number, shape, and size of the bowls, back-splashes and more.

Stainless Steel UV Exhaust Hood

Double Skin UV Exhaust Hood.

Our UV exhaust hood are equipped with ozone-free ultraviolet lamps - a breakthrough technology that removes vapors and grease without chemicals. So the ducts stay clean and filtration efficiency remains high, even at low airflow.

Stainless Steel Hot Cupboard

Stainless Steel Hot Cupboards.

From the smallest table-top plate warmer or hot cupboard model to the largest three tier units, Ramadi Group can custom manufacture a durable, cleanable and easy to use stainless steel solution to suit every possible requirement.

Stainless Steel Cupboard

Stainless Steel Wall & Floor Cabinets.

Stainless steel restaurant quality wall & floor cabinets made bespoke in our own factory. Choose the dimensions, specifications, with sliding doors or with hinged doors and anything you need to to fit your kitchen needs perfectly.

Stainless Steel Counter-top

Stainless Steel Counter-tops.

Stainless steel counter-tops offer unmatched durability, are resistant to scratching, chipping, and staining. They are a low-maintenance, heat resistant, anti-bacterial surface for chopping, slicing, tenderizing meats, or assembling.

Stainless Steel Table

Stainless Steel Tables.

Custom stainless steel tables can be used for prep, dish-washing, hold equipment, and more. They can be wall, center or corner tables. Have back-splash, be enclosed or open. Have shelves or not. Your needs are the only limitation.

Stainless Steel Shelving

Solid Stainless Steel Shelving.

Our hygienic, easy-to-clean and ultra-durable shelves are ideal for any storage application. Dry or wet, coolers and freezers. Confidently store products of any type and size, bulk ingredients, heavy prep tools, cleaning supplies and more.

Machinery List. The most advanced in Dubai.

Cutting Machine
Finishing Machine 
Heavy Duty Drill
Notching Machine

Polishing Machine
Rolling Machine
Stud Bolt Machine
Welding Machine
Tig Welding Machine

Shearing Machine
Bending Machine
CNC Punching Machine
Universal Pipe Notcher and Belt Grinder Machine

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About the Ramadi Group
From the Chairman's Desk. 

I started my career in the commercial kitchen industry in the distant 1976. After over 4 decades I can say with pride that we have grown every year because of our relentless focus on our client's satisfaction. On making their plans and ideas come to reality. That's what set us apart from day one and is still what sets us apart today.

Habil Mullaji, Chairman Ramadi Group
About the Ramadi Group.

We are a 102 employees strong, fully-fledged commercial kitchen solutions provider. We've been helping over 238 restaruants and hotels - such as Jumeirah Group, Palazzo Versace, Cinnabon, Little Bangkok and so many more. We help them plan, budget as well as supply, install and maintain their kitchen equipment.

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Custom Fabrication

At Ramadi Group we have an full-fledged stainless steel fabrication team with the best machines. We manufacture stainless steel double skin exhaust hoods, tables, sinks, cupboards and more. Since all of our products are factory-direct, you'll find that our pricing is very competitive (without sacrificing on quality & durability).

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