Pitco Deep Fryer

In 1918 J. C. Pitman and Sons Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers, while attempting to work out a more satisfactory method of frying, made some important discoveries. One was that if the small particles of food which ordinarily settled to the bottom of the French Fry pot (where they collected and burned) could be kept away from the intense heat of that part of the kettle, the quality of fried food could be greatly improved. The Pitco Frialator was invented on this basic principle - and patented. This brought about a complete change in the method of deep fat frying. 

The importance of this construction is the reduction in fat costs, which exceeds by a wide margin the initial cost of equipment, its depreciation and upkeep. Thanks to the thousands of Pitco Frialators now in use from coast to coast, deep fat frying has indeed become an art.

In 1918, their goal was to offer a simple, reliable piece of kitchen machinery for professional frying. For over 80 years, Pitco has designed equipment that makes it easier for their customers to offer the best in fried foods. Pitco has been an industry leader in design, research, and delivering new ideas for frying.

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