Restaurant Kitchen Refurbishment. We can help in kitchen workflow improvement and costs reductions.

Refurbishing a restaurant is a complex task. Between approvals, vendors, hiring, design, civil work, and so much more there are too many things to take care off. Our team of experts can help you with setting a proper kitchen workflow to help you reduce food cost, waste, utilities bills and manpower overheads.


Reduce Food Cost

There are many variants in food cost like correct portioning, trained staff who don't waste food with cooking or prep mistakes, wastage, FIFO applied correctly, correct menu planning, seasonal ingredients and so much more. At Ramadi Group we're expert in planning a kitchen workflow that helps reduce food cost.


Reduce Manpower Overheads

With ever increasing overheads costs and the difficulty of getting sufficiently qualified staff it is essential that all chef & owners optimize their kitchen's workflow to reduce wasted time & wasted resources. At Ramadi Group we are experts in helping planning the kitchen layout in a way to avoid unnecessary overheads. 


Reduce Waste

The correct kitchen workflow reduces waste by helping simplify applying the first-in-first-out procedure. As well as grouping kitchen equipment based on the menu, instead of areas. Simplifying the prep and mise-en-place and so much more. 


Reduce Utilities Bills

By optimizing lighting, exhaust, refrigeration units and airflow a correct kitchen workflow reduces the use of electricity and air-conditioning.


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Other ways we can help you improve your kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.

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