Restaurant Pre-Opening Budget Reduction. Our team of commercial kitchen experts can help you dramatically reduce your restaurant kitchen budget.

Opening a successful restaurant requires a lot of planning and work. With so many vendors and partners adding to the workload. At Ramadi Group our team of restaurant kitchen experts can help you reduce the budget with smart buying, right sizing, customization, and menu engineering.


Smart Buying

For most chefs and restaurant owners get confused about equipment selection. With so many equipment brands manufacturing almost identical equipment. and manufacturing so many equipment variations. That's why we always want to see the menu first and then suggest the equipment variations  that will get the same results at a lower cost (without sacrificing durability).


Menu Engineering

In the excitement of creating the best restaurant out there most chefs and owners usually overlook how to maximize the use of their professional equipment. Instead of building their menu using as few equipment as possible they expand the menu to include many different equipment. That will, therefore, never be used at full capacity. Thus reducing the overall cost while increasing the quality of the equipment. Since with an optimized menu they'd be used at full capacity. 


Right Sizing

Chefs and restaurant owners are experts in the art of seducing their guests with amazing food and great service. While we are experts in selecting the correct equipment capacity. This has a significant impact on the budget as larger capacity equipment generally cost more. Which can be a waste if their use is not maximized. 



Most chefs want large kitchens while most owners want large dining areas. Beside the kitchen sizing rules each jurisdiction imposes, there are ways to maximize the kitchen space and expand the dining area. Custom fabrication has the potential to reduce the restaurant budget by optimizing space. With custom fabrication every single square cm (or inch) can be used around a proper kitchen workflow. Custom tables, shelving, entry and exit tables, exhaust hoods, hot cupboards and cabinets all contribute to a better usage of the kitchen space while also reducing the budget.


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Other ways we can help you improve your kitchen's workflow. To save food cost, reduce waste, cut down manpower and increase profits.

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About the Ramadi Group
From the Chairman's Desk. 

I started my career in the commercial kitchen industry in the distant 1976. After over 4 decades I can say with pride that we have grown every year because of our relentless focus on our client's satisfaction. On making their plans and ideas come to reality. That's what set us apart from day one and is still what sets us apart today.

Habil Mullaji, Chairman Ramadi Group
About the Ramadi Group.

We are a 102 employees strong, fully-fledged commercial kitchen solutions provider. We've been helping over 238 restaruants and hotels - such as Jumeirah Group, Palazzo Versace, Cinnabon, Little Bangkok and so many more. We help them plan, budget as well as supply, install and maintain their kitchen equipment.

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Custom Fabrication

At Ramadi Group we have an full-fledged stainless steel fabrication team with the best machines. We manufacture stainless steel double skin exhaust hoods, tables, sinks, cupboards and more. Since all of our products are factory-direct, you'll find that our pricing is very competitive (without sacrificing on quality & durability).

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