Royal Range Commercial Stove

Before purchasing Royal Range of California, along with its sister company, Rankin-Delux, L. Vasan, President of Royal Range of California Inc., enjoyed a highly successful career, designing and engineering commercial and residential gas cooking appliances.

For more than two decades, Vasan was involved in developing new products for some of the biggest names in commercial cooking equipment, adding features onto existing products and engineering new technology that revolutionized the industry. Vasan is still associated with many of the industry’s key patents and with his new products, continues to develop highly innovative and sophisticated technology

Royal is located in a modern 52,000 square foot facility in Eastvale, California.  All R&D is done on-site.  For L. Vasan, the design concept of each piece has to be simple and practical while accomplishing the objective, or purpose, of the equipment. Every stage of development is analyzed for maximum efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the design. Every product in the Royal catalog has been methodically tested and reviewed for potential improvements.  Cost is secondary to performance which is unheard of in a world dictated by value engineering and foreign manufacturing.

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