Vitamix Blender

Vitamix blender story began in 1921 when William Grover Barnard was facing challenging economic times that would soon lead to the Great Depression.

He began travelling the country selling modern kitchen products. It was by helping a friend through his illness that he began connecting the value of whole-food nutrition to health and well-being. He changed the name of his business to The Natural Food Institute, and became a pioneer in the health food industry, studying and teaching people everything he knew about food and health.

In 1937, he was introduced to a new product, the blender. He immediately saw the value of blending to quickly and easily prepare healthy foods that taste delicious. He focused his attention on selling this new product, which he named the “Vita-Mix,” because vita means life.

In 1949, William Grover Barnard went down in history as the creator of the nation’s first infomercial.

Some of the lessons Vitamix learned along the way are still with them today. They continue to persevere to create the highest-quality product through customer input and advanced technology. They are steadfast in creating a better future through family values and healthy, delicious food. And are committed to improving the vitality of people’s lives.

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