Waring Blender

Waring, universally known for introducing the first blender in America, is one of today's leading manufacturers of professional appliances for the foodservice and laboratory industries.

Waring Commercial offers high-performance, large-volume food processors and Waring blender, heavy-duty heating appliances such as grills, griddles, toasters and deep fryers, and a variety of specialty products. Waring Laboratory provides the world-renowned precision and power of this respected brand to laboratories around the world that demand the finest in blenders, homogenizers, grinders, mixers, food processors, and related accessories. Waring is #1 in laboratory blending appliances. 

In 1937 Fred Waring, a popular entertainer during the 1930s, '40s and '50s, introduces the "Miracle Mixer," the first blender in recorded history, to the American public at the National Restaurant Show. "Miracle Mixer" is officially renamed Waring Corporation and the appliance name is changed to the "Waring Blendor". In 1950 the Waring Blendor sees new uses constantly emerging. The blender becomes widely used in hospitals and is a vital scientific research tool for Dr. Jonas Salk to develop his lifesaving polio vaccine.

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